Never worry about the cloud again.

Your passion went into building your SaaS. Ours is giving your SaaS a cloud presence as feature-rich as a Fortune 500 company's, for a sliver of the cost.


We monitor, stream, log, observe, and alert on so many metrics. You've never felt so secure.


Leave the automation to us. Out of the box CI/CD for both GitHub and Gitlab is included for each application.


We obsess over ways to cut your AWS bill. Many customers will find that DragonOps pays for itself.

Security First

We lock your environment down at every level, in your own AWS account, for you.

Zero Knowledge

We've abstracted everything. Deploy a year of cloud presence in 30 minutes, with absolutely no cloud knowledge required.


You need pre-production environments like dev and staging. We handle all the hard work for you, in minutes.


We offer load testing, chaos engineering, data / storage layers, cron jobs, chatbots, and AWS SDK abstractions.

So Much More

We aren't done yet. Reach out today to find out what else is on the roadmap.

Like having a team of Cloud Engineers.

It would take a team of engineers months or years to build everything we offer on day 1.

Save your time for what matters

Deploy everything you'll need for cloud hosting, immediately.

Put your money into your software, not your cloud.

We save you 6 figures on cloud spend.

Self-hosted in AWS. Always.

We think both small and large companies should have complete control over their own infratructure. DragonOps supports self-hosted infrastructure in AWS.

Complete self-hosting

You're the master of your cloud, not us.


We have minimal permissions to your environment.

We go deep, not broad.

We know AWS, and we know it well. Our development time goes to new features, not recreating the same features for different cloud providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can I save with DragonOps?

Almost all of it. You can deploy in less than an hour what a team of engineers needs months or longer to build.

Why should I choose DragonOps?

We don't just want to optimize your application hosting for you. We want to optimize every part of your cloud journey. We find ways to abstract, automate, or manage everything we can think of. Need affordable static application hosting? We got you. Enterprise-grade monitoring and security? Sure thing. An AI-powered chatbot to answer your questions and help you in your environment? Absolutely. Managed databases, storage, encryption, CI/CD, secrets management, alerting, and more. Anything we can do to make hosting your SaaS delightful, we aim for.

How much money can I save with DragonOps?

A ton. While every AWS environment is different, we use every trick we can to save you as much as possible on your AWS spend. Our competitors hold cost optimization behind their enterprise tiers, but we think that everyone on every tier deserves as affordable a cloud experience as possible.

Where is your pricing?

We're still in early access, so our pricing works a little bit differently than it will in the near future. Hit us up to find out more.

Why offer a platform like this?

We've been in the cloud and DevOps space for years, and we've seen first-hand how tough it can be for software owners to get their software launched. Cloud hosting is complex, takes a long time to learn and build well, and can be prohibitively expensive if you're not prepared. We wanted to make it easier for software startups of all sizes to compete with the big guys.

Our Team

Get to know us.

Kia & Matt Martinez
Founders, CTO & CEO respectively

Founders, soulmates, best friends, and co-parents. Matt and Kia do just about everything together, including starting a business.

Kyle Scott
Co-Founder, Lead Frontend Developer

Front end engineer extraordinaire Kyle fights crime in his spare time.